Friday, November 26, 2004


So the plan was to shoot again - up at a cabing in the mountains - but...

Sarah (her character name) went into early labor - a month early - and is on bed rest and such and now I'm rewriting. Cause I ain't got my female lead to shoot.

Well, since I didn't start with a whole script to begin with I guess it's not that big a deal - gotta toss about 30 pages. hmmm....

Time to think.

What do I have?

Think of locations, cars, houses, where can I shoot where I don't need

a permit,
a caterer
a honeywagon

Sunday, November 21, 2004

after the first weekend

So here's the update. Things, things, things have happened and I'm so far behind on this blog I can't even conceive of where to start. Where to start, where to - START?

Man - my last entry - which I just looked at - was before the first day of shooting.

Here's how it went.


Take -

1 director
1 DP
1 sound man/boom man/ actor
2 actors
1 extra
1 apartment
1 camera (DVX100)
5 lights
3 c-stands
a few rolls of tape

way too many pages of script and try to shoot a movie.

It actually went really well. Much better than I expected but I was exhausted at the end of it. We shot for two days and it was way too much. almost killed me. I was exhausted at the end of it. Thinking of characters and shots and coverage and filming/videoing the whole damn thing - and setting lights and stands and everything - was totally exhausting. A crew of two - is two too few.


All that being said - I made some decisions. the script - as it played out - without rehearsals mind you - something that is a first for me - well - a second - but I don't think those love scenes needed rehearsal - you know? I guess you don't because I haven't really let you in on my background - have I? Hang on - let me check the blog...

Nope -guess I haven't - I'll save that.

Where was I? Decisions - the film - as it's playing out is damn dark - and that's not really my style. It was torturous for me. Scary - got way too into my head. Sarah (i'm calling them by their character names) turned out to be a great actress - she was a friend from Burning Man - but I had not had her act yet and she turned out to be great and sexy - even 8 months pregnant - which I never expected because I AIN'T into that - and her character just ate away at me and I didn't sleep - and when I did I was dreaming about the damn story. Which made it all that much tougher.

So I'm going to change a few things. but more on that later. Right?