Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Have I sold out?

Well, not quite yet, though if someone is willing to pull out their check book, I'm more than happy to quote a price. In the meantime I've become part of the internet marketing machine - I've been asked to review a movie. Unfortunately, it's not a studio tent-pole, CGI flick - something I'd REALLY have fun reviewing (read with evil chuckle) but in fact is a documentary about Indie filmmakers, something I'm actually really interested in - which means I'll actually pay attention and won't write anything snarky and dismissive. Anyway, I'm waiting for the DVD now and when I see it you can be sure - being the Journalism Bachelor of Arts that I am - that it will be an honest and at least - capably written review. There's also a press release involved and some pictures, all of which I'll save for the review.

In other news, the Onion has published a list of 10 Movies it's OK to Hate and while I agree with some of them, Network, Caddyshack (yes - I'll admit it, I just don't like that movie) The Big Lebowski, Roger and Me, some of them seem a little picky and they downright just missed some. Of course their list seems based on popular rather than, say the AFI Top 100 - though holy crap - I went over to AFI.com to see what was on the list and it turns out they have 11 lists. There are 11 Top 100 lists - and they also list the 400 nominees for most of the list. Does it sound like someone couldn't make up their minds?

Anyway, it's an interesting list and the accompanying pros and cons are fun to read.

Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm deep into this script I'm re-writing and I'm struggling with it. There's a lot of story waiting to burst out and there's an awkward transition I'm working with/ on, but I need to get a draft out. I need to lay the foundation before I can put up the house. The transitional problem is all mine, though I think it was inherent in the original draft. It's - and I'm loathe to use this term - a kink in the main character's "arc." Plus I feel I've veered away from something really important in the story, but I can't go back to that until I get this draft done.

How's that for cryptic.

But I'm actually really enjoying this script. I really like the characters because I see something of myself in them. Or maybe I'm just good at seeing things from their point of view.

Dave, if you're listening, you did a much better job with this than I originally thought. I hope you like what I'm doing with it.