Saturday, September 08, 2007


Wow. It’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted here, but I’m back and ready to ROCK!!!

This year has been weird, weird, weird and freaking weird. It started out well, I was editing for HBO This Just In. and then suddenly that stopped (well, I wasn’t always available, so I can’t really blame them and then once you’re not in the chair it’s hard to get back) and then I was shooting and editing a bunch (you can see things here and then that all stopped and I’ve been twiddling my frigging thumbs. Well, not exactly. I’ve actually been working my ass off but of course it’s not been for money, but to start something new and that something is….

Deek Viral.

My partner, Steve Vernon and I have started this to do low cost, web ads that get some attention. Silly, Sexy, Scandalous – that’s our thing. Also – between YouTube and The Tube – meaning that we’re doing spots with some actual creativity as opposed to a great deal of the crap that appears on YouTube, but also spots that are a little too edgy for actual television. And yes, that’s got to be the 5th time I’ve used some version of the word “actual.” If you check it out be aware that there are two spots on the site with NUDITY and one spot with almost nudity (and let me tell you that the girl in that one is great in ANY kind of nudity or not nudity).