Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Finally had the shoot - two days for the paying gig. It was fun in a weird sort of way. Weird because it was a tough shoot - too much material, not enough time and not enough money - but yet still fun because it was a shoot. Now I'm editing which is a lot fun and now that I think about it would be a great job for a vampire since about the only light I see during the course of a day is the warm glow of my flat screen.

Anyway - right before I went into the whole thing I posted Episode 9. At the moment it's the season finale, but you never know. I kind of like the way it leaves things and I have ideas for more, but the ideas I have kind of take it in new direction.

Here's the link (no more Funny or Die, they reworked their website and kind of boned guys like us)