Monday, January 24, 2005

Just wondering

What the hell is going on with IFC. I was flipping through the guide last night and saw Dr. T and the Women listed for them. Hardly what I would call an indie.

Just wondering

What the hell is going on with IFC. I was flipping through the guide last night and saw Dr. T and the Women listed for them. Hardly what I would call an indie.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

More writing - more distractions

Sigh. The toughest thing about writing for me is that I'll be going along at a pretty nice clip - the ideas flowing, the dialogue popping, the scenes crackling - at least I THINK they are. In any case I'll be going along and I'll think of something that pops another idea and gets me thinking about a new idea for a new script and I want to take off on that. Right now I have 4 scripts going and I just wrote a treatment for another one. Man - I need to learn to focus!!! How do you do that - how do you have time to write all the ideas you have.

I think actually what happens is that most of them are just not that good - evidence the endless list of unfinished scripts I have.


Still working on this one - still in love with this one - still - still - still great ideas.

I got a call from Marco yesterday who was concerned that his performance was bnot 100% - he felt. But I thought he did great for what we were doing - no rehearsals, no prep time and way too much fucking around on set. I'm definitely encouragd enough to keep him in the script.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The redesign gets me cranking...

Apple has redesigned the power adapters for the laptops. The first one I had would get so hot that it would almost burn your hand. Surprise, surprise, it didn't last out the warranty.The second one got hot - but not as - but the cable wore out where it connects to the transformer. The third one stays quite cool and has a reinforcement where the cable connects to the transformer.

So I'm back and running and, in fact, blogging from there.

The Script, the script!!!!

I have a great idea to incorporate into it but I can write about it here because of my insane superstition that if I tell the story before I write it I won't write it.

Good stuff though - I got the idea listening to Art Bell.

It's funny, it's hard working on it since the whole thing took a big left turn. Or right turn, maybe it was a right turn. In any case it's getting better, but I'm having to work out things and indeed things are being worked out.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

the script doesn't move


The power adapter for my iBook is shot I ordered a new one and they're back ordered or something and I only have a few hours charge on the ibook - which is where the script lives. So I have to wait. This is the second adapter for this ibook - the first was under warranty. This one isn't.


Monday, January 03, 2005

The script moves

Did I mention that I hate the name of this blog. Can I change it? Hmmm.

I worked on the script today for the first time since just after we shot. It's a challenge fitting what we did that first weekend into what we're doing now. The whole character of the thing is changing and apart from the humor and sexiness of the whole thing I have to tell the story - which is taking shape in my head - with free locations, no stunts, minimal wardrobe and all the rest of it.

Of course I can't tell you the story now - because if I do then it's told and I won't be able to write it. One of my old Journalism school superstitions.

It's funny too because since we're all doing this for love and fun I feel I have to check with some of my actors before I write certain things. I checked with Sarah before I wrote the shower scene and of course, she suggested doing it naked which was fine with me. Have I mentioned that? It was all in the blur of the first weekend. It wasn't really that big a deal - I'd seen her naked before (At Burningman - please keep your mind out of the gutter, one of use there is more than enough.)