Monday, January 03, 2005

The script moves

Did I mention that I hate the name of this blog. Can I change it? Hmmm.

I worked on the script today for the first time since just after we shot. It's a challenge fitting what we did that first weekend into what we're doing now. The whole character of the thing is changing and apart from the humor and sexiness of the whole thing I have to tell the story - which is taking shape in my head - with free locations, no stunts, minimal wardrobe and all the rest of it.

Of course I can't tell you the story now - because if I do then it's told and I won't be able to write it. One of my old Journalism school superstitions.

It's funny too because since we're all doing this for love and fun I feel I have to check with some of my actors before I write certain things. I checked with Sarah before I wrote the shower scene and of course, she suggested doing it naked which was fine with me. Have I mentioned that? It was all in the blur of the first weekend. It wasn't really that big a deal - I'd seen her naked before (At Burningman - please keep your mind out of the gutter, one of use there is more than enough.)

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