Wednesday, December 29, 2004

where the hell was I?

let me look - hang on...

all right on with that day. Things went well - I said that.

OH - so we had his crew come to shoot us for a TV show they're doing - Booker - lt me find his card, hang on... Cornelius Booker that was his name. A very nice guy, he came with a cameraman and a they shot us shooting. It was kind of funny since we basically had what we had, but we hammed it up a bit. They did and interview with me, the DP and the actors. It was a lot of fun and I hope something comes of it.

It's really amazing what we were able to do with so little. But we all have good attitudes and a bit of talent - and that's about what it takes. Of course we'll see what happens when I start cutting the damn thing.

Back to the script.

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