Monday, December 13, 2004

great shoot

Saturday went really really really well.

we shot at Connie's house -she'd been in a former movie of mine and I know her well and wrote with her voice in my head. I pushed her a bit on a few things that she had troble with (mostly because we didn't have rehearsal, in which case, she would have had no trouble - I'm convinced) but she pulled through and kicked some serious ass - in thespianic short of way. Is that a word?

Marco got a speeding ticket on his Vespa trying to get to the set. I feel bad - if we had a budget I'd offer to pay it for him, but alas... In any case he did really well - I was also surprised because I hadn't worked with him yet either. I'm going to write him into the script.

Oh yeah - the script - not much more beyond what we did. 17 pages I think - but some of that includes one line descripitions of what we already did so it's actually longer. Though it also includes one line descriptions of scenes I need to rewrite from previous drafts...

Scotty did really well too - his voice is also in my head so I'm writing for it. He was a champ because his character basically sat on a couch for the first half of the day - but he pulled through...

We need a dolly. We shot the whole thing on sticks and got enough angles and moved the characters enough so that I can cut around and keep motion in the scene without it getting stagnant, but I'd like to have a dolly. I'd also like to have a more lights and an actual crew but there you go.

uo-oh -gotta run out - I'll finish this post later... tons to report...

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