Sunday, January 23, 2005

More writing - more distractions

Sigh. The toughest thing about writing for me is that I'll be going along at a pretty nice clip - the ideas flowing, the dialogue popping, the scenes crackling - at least I THINK they are. In any case I'll be going along and I'll think of something that pops another idea and gets me thinking about a new idea for a new script and I want to take off on that. Right now I have 4 scripts going and I just wrote a treatment for another one. Man - I need to learn to focus!!! How do you do that - how do you have time to write all the ideas you have.

I think actually what happens is that most of them are just not that good - evidence the endless list of unfinished scripts I have.


Still working on this one - still in love with this one - still - still - still great ideas.

I got a call from Marco yesterday who was concerned that his performance was bnot 100% - he felt. But I thought he did great for what we were doing - no rehearsals, no prep time and way too much fucking around on set. I'm definitely encouragd enough to keep him in the script.

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