Saturday, January 15, 2005

The redesign gets me cranking...

Apple has redesigned the power adapters for the laptops. The first one I had would get so hot that it would almost burn your hand. Surprise, surprise, it didn't last out the warranty.The second one got hot - but not as - but the cable wore out where it connects to the transformer. The third one stays quite cool and has a reinforcement where the cable connects to the transformer.

So I'm back and running and, in fact, blogging from there.

The Script, the script!!!!

I have a great idea to incorporate into it but I can write about it here because of my insane superstition that if I tell the story before I write it I won't write it.

Good stuff though - I got the idea listening to Art Bell.

It's funny, it's hard working on it since the whole thing took a big left turn. Or right turn, maybe it was a right turn. In any case it's getting better, but I'm having to work out things and indeed things are being worked out.

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