Monday, September 27, 2004

What, where, when - who

Hey, if anyone's reading this - are you? Hello?

I'm a filmmaker and this is called film garage because I make films in - my garage. I used to make films on HOLLYWOOD LOTS - and made a lot of stuff back when I was hourly wage grunt schlepping camera gear and pulling focus. But I gave that up - working for the man, as it was, and have gone into the realms of INDEPENDENT film and even a little late-night skinemax soft core (shhh. don't tell anyone.)

but now I'm down in the garage making films and videos and all kinds of crap on my Panasonic DVX100 and cutting them on my brand spanking new 1.8 dual G5. I had to step up after my 400 mhz G4 just finally threw up it's cyber hands and said - sorry - can't do this anymore.

But I've started on two projects are of interest. More on that as we go.

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