Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Had my first meeting yesterday with the two leads. They're both friends. We discussed my 38 pages of script and where it might go and when. We're shooting the first few scenes this weekend, which means that we are literally writing it as we shoot it. BUT I figure since most STUDIO films seem like they were made that way anyway, we should hit big with this one. You never know.

Shooting in Scott's (the character name) apartment. Two characters for most of it and I'll play a third part.

I was worried about shooting Sarah naked - or relatively so - but she's up for it. Good, good, good. I think it will help make the film. Not a lot of pregnant women naked in movies these days.

Now I just have to build a steadicam and find a prop gun. I may still have one in a closet from the last movie. hmmm...

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