Sunday, April 10, 2005

well I'm back

It's been a while since I posted - and a while since we shot. I've had so much going on I haven't really had time to work on the script though I am convinced this film will be my salvation.

Two big things happening.

I interviewed with a group of guys down in OC for a job directing a little straight to video horror film. It's small, low-budget, and the script needs work but it has some great potential. If they hire me - they're looking at 5 other guys (damn) they seem open to rewriting.

And I'm writing another script. I know, I know, I should be working on this one - Grande - but this is my problem. My brain pigns around from idea to idea and I have to sit and work on it - or at least crank out a draft to see if it's worth pursuing or not. Someday I should go through my Final Draft documents and see how many of those there are. But this is a good one - I think - it's a good idea, can be done cheap and sexy and that's what I'm looking for.

in the land of Grande - I do have an idea to finish the script - to get even a jump on the script - for a bridge between acts. I have an idea to tie together the fragments I have. Now if I only had time to work on it.

And in other news - a 30 second PSA I directed (and shot) for a non-profit called Futures for Children starts to air in New York and San Francisco this week. Sweet.

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