Friday, July 08, 2005

I guess it's about time

I guess it's about time for me to write here again. It's been awhile and - alas - the goldfish has perished. I must say though that for a 15 cent goldfish from Petmart, it lasted a hell of a long time in it's little goldfish bowl. But as all things it finally turned out to be dust in the wind. And flushed in the toilet.

And I must apologize to any and all faithful readers I may have. We had some shit going on here and so I was otherwise occupied for a little while. Personal and work kind of stuff. Editing for a company in El Segundo. I'm not sure what it is about Final Cut, or maybe it's the process of Non-linear editing in general - but whatever part of my brain that's stimulated by it causes other parts to shut down. After three days working on it I couldn't figure out that 10-7 minus an hour for lunch is an 8 hour day. But I could cut a minute and a half out of a 4 minute trailer in about 20 minutes. And leave it seamless.


And I realize this posting had little to do with film, but I'm getting warmed up. I'll write more later and tomorrow.

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