Saturday, October 01, 2005

Vindicated by the LA Times

In apparent to my posting, the LA Times agrees that the recent box office slump was due to the fact that most of the movies studios were putting out SUCKED.

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Mookie Dugway said...

You should see what it is like outside of LA! Audiences have seen so many movies that suck, they don't even know the difference anymore. Just remember, any movie can be made better by adding 100 million $s worth of special effects. "I can't wait to see KING KONG!"

Film is dead. Television is dead. I should know, I've worked in both. My son was with me the other day on a shoot and asked one of workers if he could show him how to use the camera. He said to me "Dad, how do I hold the video camera?" I said " Put it down......NOW" I want him to look at a huge expansion bridge and say "Dad, I want to biuld a bridge like that" not" Dad, I want to shoot a movie on that bridge"