Sunday, January 08, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite

As a 2nd post...

After months of watching so-called hip people walking around town with "Vote for Pedro" shirts I finally decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite. I'm halfway through and my big question is - - is there any really compelling reason for me to finish watching???

In truth I probably will only because Haylie Duff is in it. HANG ON - given that this is the internet and given that I'll probably get some traffic from some bonehead searching for Haylie Duff for some sick and twisted reason, let me point out that I have actually worked with Haylie (and Hillary) on Lizzie McGuire and had a lot of fun with them. In fact Haylie was an amazing kid because while Hillary (her little sister) was getting all the attention on Lizzie, she was happy to stand in for her and appear on camera occasionally as background. There was ample reason for jealousy and I NEVER saw it. Of course I think their Mom had a lot to do with it. She was a great lady too.

ANYWAY... back to the DVD player.


Rick M said...

I was sort of lukewarm towards Napoleon Dynamite myself, although I really liked the opening credits. That almost made the whole movie for me, but then, I am a geek.


Riotgrrlwargasm said...

There's just something about Napoleon Dynamite that resonates with many people. I totally dug it and had to see it like three times. For my boyfriend, on the other hand, it was a painful experience and half an hour into it he said, "I can't watch this shit, I gotta go do something else." I think it either rings true for you, or you want to run away.