Thursday, February 09, 2006

Searching for Screenplays

By the way, I should mention here that I'm searching for screenplays. Actually I'm searching for screenplays, stage plays, short stories, un-optioned novels, anything I can turn into a movie. I write myself, but the process is sometimes slow and I'm chomping at the bit to have a script I can run with.

What I'm looking for, or at least what I tell people, is I'm looking for my Pulp Fiction. In other words I'm looking for a good script with great characters and a good story that transcends genre.

That shouldn't be too tough to find. Right?

No, seriously, what I'm looking for is something that's interesting and a little different. Genre doesn't matter, though I've been told by more than one person that the whole Horror wave has gone back out to sea in a fast, sucking rip tide.

One thing I don't want it straight drama. Unless it's twisted.

Twisted is good.

Anyway, if you have something shoot me an email at: (that's a different email address than the BLOG email.) Give me a log line and maybe a little description. Budget range should be under $10 million.

Oh and I have no money to actually pay for anything, so I'm looking for something I can option either free or very cheap in order to get it made. I'm more than willing to make up for a stingy option with a decent purchase price, should we get it off the ground.


Rick M said...

I'm still working on my episodic series of webshorts myself, but I wanted to weigh in with you since you brought up genres. The problem, as my (much smarter than me) wife pointed out, is that every guy with a camera and a dream wants to shoot the next Pulp Fiction. I remember reading in Film Threat about a year ago that a distributor could practically guarantee anyone with a decent children's product that they would get picked up. So that's where I've been focusing lately. The young adult market is where you can put together something live-action and fun. You even have some experience there! It's not sexy, but it seems a great place to start. Make a good product, pick up a few dollars, and then get to work on your own Pulp Fiction. Something to think about...

RJ said...

You're right about that and I do have some other projects in the works that are potentially more lucrative more immediately, but it could take a long time to find what I'm looking for - and reading scripts doesn't cost a dime.