Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you watching

Grande Con Carne the Web Series is up and running and doing great. We're pushing them on Funny or Die because I think the community is better there as well as the video compression they use.

The links for episodes 3 and 4 are here:

I'd embed them, but the frame seems to overlap in blogger. There doesn't appear to be a way to make it fit well.

Episode 3

Episode 4



Joey said...

hahahaaha "spell it with a 'U'" hahaha. Dude your friend looks like a young Rob DeNiro. You guys are so hilarious. I am sooooo tuning in from now on. You guys should submit your work to the Emmys for consideration. I'm working with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences right now, and they're currently accepting submissions of online content. The academy has decided to include webisodes/ web series as a new category. You guys would definitely fit in. Come on ,submit it. You know you want to. But do it before the first deadline. April 7th.

Bes of luck.

oh yeah, here's the link.

Anonymous said...

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